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What are you wearing?

A bikini

You have a great sense of style, can you describe your clothing?

It's bright and cheap haha I feel awkward describing my style, it's what I like really if I had a budget I like to get bright colours, blue and white I use to grow up really watching the good looking guys on Disney wear them, and I had dark green jumper or navy jeans and black shoes only growing up so I'm rebelling and turning as safe and colourful as I can now haha

You remind us of 'Owl City', and there was no 'City' and now there's 'Paranormal City' is there something to be exposed here?

Haha yeah, I love Adam, he's a major influence, people say it's a direct copy but more subconsciously I think I wanted to create something which had a DJ name feel to it as it came and started when I producing and now I'm stuck with it and it's become more a symbol for like a get a way, like a castle in the sky would be like a dream like state to live in and for me Paranormal City is a way to represent other version of that now, haha

Where you ever into musical theatre? Since it's image based in what you do?

Yes, I was in many plays growing up and choir and I danced. extremely hardcore and very cool and I think it's helped me on being on camera and being able to entertain thousand of people who every my every video.

You started off as a producer, for yourself and other artists, collaborated with artists from the US and UK, even sold hand made copies of your first releases from your social media, very young in doing this really all by yourself?

Right, very DIY background, it's really because I hate waiting for other people to come around, if no one's going to help you you have to have yourself to fall back on and know something s going to happen i didn't live any big city or busy town literal country side so it was up to me to drive myself to do everything and gain a wider influence on who can help me with producing etc I've learn't all this through a long experience of working with many others and executing the music until it's what I want to hear what's in my head.

Further contact: 

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/check.it.check.it?ref=hl
Twitter - https://twitter.com/_ParanormalCity
YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTtIvUkDzDxEsqef8h4Jm_w
Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/paranormalcity